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Secure Private Networks

Financial Networks

Pulsar Cell, when meshed with other Pulsars, forms a highly secure network using both commercial and CBRS Bands (B48). The advanced security features provided by Pulsar such as Zero Trust Architecture over and above 3GPP security features are a great fit for financial network communications with sensitive data.

Diplomatic Clear Path Networks

The 5G Clean Path is an end-to-end communication path that does not use any transmission, control, computing, or storage equipment from untrusted IT vendors, such as Huawei and ZTE, which are required to comply with directives of the Chinese Communist Party.

The 5G Clean Path embodies the highest standards of security against untrusted, high-risk vendors’ ability to disrupt, manipulate or deny services to private citizens, financial institutions, or critical infrastructure.

Pulsar line of products are manufactured in the North American region and has the highest standards of security for Clean Path Networks.

CBRS Private Campus Networks

Private LTE/5G has several advantages over public LTE or Wi-Fi. Within the confines of the network, it provides an exclusive LTE/5G network in uncrowded spectrum. It is deployed with dedicated equipment that increases device and data capacity and includes built-in security and controls not possible in public networks. It is tailored to put the enterprise customer in control.


Pulsar Cell series support Band 48 (CBRS PAL/GAA Spectrum) and can provide a complete turnkey RAN and Core system meshed to provide campus wide indoor and outdoor coverage.