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Jupiter EDGE

AI based 5G/xG Base station radio system on a chip

  • New branding/enclosure.
  • Modular, Light Weight, Powerful Radio, Latest 3GPP Software Release, Secure Voice/Video/Push to Talk Integrated.
  • Replace PA with new smaller more efficient RF card
  • Deliver an 5G Edge AI world-class value proposition that showcases the opportunity and capabilities for hyperconverged platforms for RAN + Core + edge workloads
  • Designed and Made in the USA

Pulsar Line

Pulsar line of products & MEAI support Layer

  • Pulsar product line is the first of its kind in the radio communications industry – Power of AI combined with Radio Communications
  • MEAI support structure provides superior operational support for small and medium networks – Huge savings of CAPEX & OPEX – and hence blossoming the secure private network industry
  • MEAI structure extends to not only Pulsar line of products but also 3rd party product line in future if they support AI, if not a Plug in – AI mediation device module will enable their radio product line to work with our sophisticated MEAI support layer
  • This approach will extend the revenue and solidify the market lead.